A Musical Comedy
Book and Music by Dan Studney, Book and Lyrics by Kevin Murphy

“Reefer Madness” is a hilarious satire based on the old instructional film seen in school warning of the dangers of marijuana. The over-the-top, campy story begins with a Lecturer informing the audience of the new drug menace, Marijuana. He tells of the Harper Affair, a story of a young high school student whose life is turned upside down by the “demon weed”.

Thursday 26th of October –  4th of November 

Doncaster Playhouse

Lecturer: Ash Cooper
Jimmy: Mitchell Sanfilippo
Mary Lane: Angie Bedford
Jack: Marco Fusco
Mae: Verity Rose Brown
Ralph: Julian Campobasso
Sally: Emily Hansford

Chloe Hancock
Curtis Mason
Jesse Thomas
Teagan Ridgwell
Hayley Nissen
Lachie Trappett
Pasquale Bartalotta

Production Team:
Director: Melanie Xavier
Musical Director: Amaris Lee
Choreographer: Melanie Ott
Production Manager: Justin Cleaver
Stage Manager: Erin Gill

Photo Credit: Ben Fon