The Devil In The Dance

“The Devil in the Detail” by Amber Harris – Directed by Karim Shaker
A play about an actress and her leading man and a devilish amount of detail.

“The Salsa Plays” by Alex Broun – Directed by Salina Henderson
A collection of 8 short plays set in and around a Salsa Dance class focusing on the relationships between the new and old students of the class as they head towards their big dance competition.

1-10 March, 2018

Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster

Anne Mccaffery
Benjamin Edmunds
Christien Dariol
Genevieve Neve
Jordan Iverach
Kayla Tabag
Lorraine Millar
Maddie Stewart
Michaela Philp
Olivia Szauer
Rebecca Fletcher
Sass Pinci
Una Pak
Vanessa Fenney

Production Manager: Kirsten Taafe
Stage Manager: Kath Faichney