Book, Music and Lyrics by Craig Christie Music and Lyrics by Andrew Patterson.

“Welcome to the small Eastern European country of Moldova. Despite being one of the smallest (and poorest) former Soviet states, this proud nation has defied all common sense by staging this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

This evening’s show is hosted by the glamorous but fearsome former KGB agent turned lifetstyle presenter Nastya Kokov and the frothy pop star Nikolae Nikovsky (winner of Moldova’s Got Talent three year’s running). Together they steer you through the political and musical minefield that is this year’s competition which features your favourite European nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ireland as well as unexpected finalists Morocco and the eagerly anticipated first ever entry from the Vatican City.”

23 February – 1 March, 2024

Performed at the Doncaster Playhouse

Co-Directors: Pasquale Bartalotta & Natasha Harvey
Vocal Director: Daniel Kim
Choreographer: Natasha Harvey
Production Manager: Justin Cleaver

Katya Kokov: Julia Roper
Nikolae Nikovsky: Sam Clement-Remy

Adam De Wilde
Alice Borthwick-Peters
Chelsea Hyde
Emma Sutcliff
Fiona Adams
John Ninis
Juancho Aguirre
Kieran O’Brien
Kiersten Vanston
Krystal Shute
Liana Phillips
Tim Semmens
Tiffany Pickthall
Xi Gui Griffen

Photography: James Oorloff Photography