PEP Productions is extremely excited to announce our February/March 2024 musical production:

Eurobeat: Moldova Auditions

Book, Music and Lyrics by Craig Christie Music and Lyrics by Andrew Patterson.

“Welcome to the small Eastern European country of Moldova. Despite being one of the smallest (and poorest) former Soviet states, this proud nation has defied all common sense by staging this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

This evening’s show is hosted by the glamorous but fearsome former KGB agent turned lifetstyle presenter Nastya Kokov and the frothy pop star Nikolae Nikovsky (winner of Moldova’s Got Talent three year’s running). Together they steer you through the political and musical minefield that is this year’s competition which features your favourite European nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ireland as well as unexpected finalists Morocco and the eagerly anticipated first ever entry from the Vatican City.”

Performance Dates:

  • Friday 23rd February
  • Saturday 24th February
  • Sunday 25thFebruary
  • Wednesday 28th February
  • Thursday 29th February
  • Friday 1st March

Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Monday & Wednesday nights 7.30pm-10.30pm
Sundays 1:00pm-5.00pm
Location: Boronia West Primary School, Tormore Rd, Boronia

Production Team:
Co-Directors: Pasquale Bartalotta & Natasha Harvey
Vocal Director: TBC
Choreographer: Natasha Harvey
Production Manager: Justin Cleaver

Audition bookings will be taken online at

Please note that you are required to book in for a singing audition. A dance audition is not required.


Location: Boronia West Primary School, Tormore Rd, Boronia

Vocal Audition

Saturday 18th November – 10am-4pm

Monday 20th November – 7:30-10:30pm

Call Backs – Sunday 26th November – 7pm-10.00pm

Audition Requirements:
All auditionees should prepare two songs in the style of the show (strictly no songs from the show). At least one should be a pop song and one should show comedic timing.

You may not be required to sing both songs but please be prepared if the production team requests.

As this show is a backing track musical, please bring a backing track for each of your songs. We will have a speaker for use if needed but advise you to bring your own if possible.

Please note it is unlikely you will complete songs so choose an appropriate part of the song which showcases your voice and range.

Bring a clear non-returnable head shot of yourself.

You may prepare a CV of your training and experience. Please provide details of singing, acting and dance training. If you don’t prepare a CV you will be asked to write these details on the audition form on the day of your audition.

The vocal audition should take approximately ten minutes. Please arrive with enough time to adequately prepare yourself.

Casting Information: 12 performers required:

PEP Productions supports diverse casting and welcomes performers of all gender identities, nationalities and body types to audition.

Genders in character descriptions are an indication of the way the character is scripted, not of the actors that will be considered for that role. We encourage performers to audition for any roles they feel they suit and that suit their vocal range.

This is an ensemble show, and as such cast members may be required to play a variety of roles and ensemble parts throughout the show.

Hosts (2)

– Nastya Kokov (female): the glamorous but fearsome former KGB agent turned lifestyle presenter

– Nikolae Nikovsky (male): the frothy pop star (winner of Moldova’s Got Talent three year’s running)

Contestants (10 – 5x Female, 5 x Male)

– Strong vocalists required to represent different countries within the competition with a strong Pop or Rock bias. Some movement may be involved.

Songs, Acts & Countries

What I Have To Do – Moldova

If anyone deserves the title of Moldovan Pop Music royalty it’s Niko Nikovsky, winner of Moldova’s Got Talent not once, not twice but three times! Who better to escort us on our musical tour of tonight’s entries?

Aggravating – Ireland

Twin brothers, Fergus and Finbar O’Flaherty combine to become pop music princes Effin, an Irish explosion of energy that ADHD drugs can barely take the edge off.

Vindaloo – Morocco

Dhara brings the diversity to this year’s competition that it is famous for. What other European event could possibly give us an Indian startlet representing an African nation?

Get Your Finger Out Of That Dyke – Netherlands

Pookie Klootjes and Pants Heyming are two superstars in the Netherlands. Each has a stellar career as recording artists, actors and reality television stars. By combining their talents, the Netherlands is throwing down a real challenge to the rest of Europe!

The Vikings – Norway

Sverre Larsen and Olaf Kjaerstad were child stars in the ’90s who have come back in to the public gaze by forming this Folk/Heavy Metal bad – a unique musical mash-up of styles that neither is prepared to compromise on.

Song of Disillusionment and Despair – Poland

The Polish Minister for Culture has the last laugh on the doubters and those who didn’t vote for him on ‘Poland’s Got Talent’ by making it a government policy that only those elected to office can represent the country in any international popular music forum.

Sexy Sexy – Spain

A Spanish father and son, each has a very successful solo career. Rudolfo is a Latin crooner and Reynaldo is a Spanish hip-hop artist.

Semaphore of Love – Sweden

Astrid is well known in Scandinavia as a performer with a number of hit songs to her credit. Such is her artistic integrity, that she has been known to dispense with music and lyrics completely at times in order to communicate the means of her songs using interpretive dance .

All Join Hands – UK

Siblings Michael, Martin, Marion and Betty are from a family singing act that stretches back for generations. They are well known in Portland from whence they come, but not much further afield. As well as singing, they have a passionate interest in Morris dancing.

Bang Me – Ukraine

Pop star Anitchka is on the cutting edge of current social media trends. Some of her ‘private’ home recordings of her entertaining certain gentlemen admirers now come free in the Ukraine with every new digital television subscription.

Temptation – Vatican

Singing nuns aren’t a new phenomenon, but these swinging sisters are happy to show that having their eyes turned up towards heaven doesn’t interfere with their ability to get down!

Aggravating – Moldova

If one person could possibly carry the mantle of ‘hostess with the mostest’ for the entire Moldovan nation it’s Nastya Kokov who emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of Soviet rule to establish a career defined by glamour and discipline. Watch out Europe because there is every possibility that at some time in your life Katya has been watching you.

Please note that the soundtrack can be found on most music streaming services.

Please note:

– For our records, the audition may be filmed.

– Auditionees must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their audition.

– If accepted into the cast, memberships and show fees total $90, payable within the first month of rehearsals. Cast will also be expected to provide or purchase minimal costume items including shoes, standard clothing items, and stage makeup.

– This is an unpaid opportunity.