Holding the Man

Holding the Man is a classic piece of Australian culture, particularly in the LBGT community and has been inspiring, moving and devastating audiences for over twenty years. Since the memoir was first published in 1995, the story of Tim and John’s relationship weathering the storms of family, homophobia, infidelity, distance and illness has been adapted into a movie, documentary and play. Each medium has been successful its own right and now the opportunity to interpret Holding the Man on stage is here. To perform in this play is to express your humanity, your beliefs and your truths.

Production Team
Production Manager: Chloe Hancock
Director: Amy Bryans
Set Designer: Amy Bryans
Costume Designer: Louise Parsons
Lighting Designer: Yaz Sesta
Props Master: Katelyn Anitema
Set Construction: Marc Caoduro

Audition Information
– Auditions via appointment only and will be approximately 5 minutes in length.

– Please prepare one monologue ranging from 30 seconds to 1-minute long. * The style of the monologue should be naturalistic- please avoid overly “melodramatic” or “slapstick” scripts.
* Monologues about relationships, growing up, parents, friends etc is a good example of subject matter. Touching on comedy is acceptable, but crucial to the selection of your monologue is choosing something with a human side.
* If you’re anguishing over the selection, a small handful of examples are available that you may choose from instead. These can be downloaded from:

– Please be aware that being able to take redirection is important for the audition, so be prepared to re-perform your monologue with a slightly different approach.

– Bring a clear non-returnable head shot of yourself.

– You may prepare a CV of your training and experience. Please provide details of singing, acting and dance training. If you don’t prepare a CV you will be asked to write these details on the audition form on the day of your audition.

Audition Dates and Location
Wednesday 18th July, 7:30-10:30pm
Sunday 22nd July, 5:30-8:30pm

Tuesday 24th July, 7:30-10:30pm

Audition and Call-back Location
Wantirna Primary School
120 Mountain Highway,
Wantirna Victoria 3152

Booking an audition
To book an audition please go to

Rehearsal Information
– Rehearsals will commence Sunday 29th July and be held on Monday and Wednesday and Sunday afternoon/evening
– There will be one rehearsal weekend on 25th and 26th of August which is compulsory for all cast members.

Season Information
Thursday 25th October, 8:00pm
Friday 26th October, 8:00pm
Saturday 27th October, 8:00pm
Wednesday 31st October, 8:00pm
Thursday 1st November, 8:00pm
Friday 2nd November, 8:00pm
Saturday 3rd November, 6:00pm

Character Descriptions

The narrator and key role, Tim presents his life story to the audience through all the ups and downs. He is brash, charismatic, confident, funny, arrogant, excitable and a little naïve. The actor in question will work through a challenging, complex role that encompasses the full spectrum of human emotion while playing Tim.
No preferred appearance in mind.
Must be 18+
Stage Age: appears age 18-30
*Must be happy to discuss shaving hair

John is Tim’s partner and is in many ways, the opposite in personality. Quiet, shy, humble, extremely loyal with a strong sense of who he is and what he believes in. The actor in question will work through a confronting, touching role that encounters the brutality of illness.
Preferred athletic build and Italian/ethnic background (though not essential).
Must be 18+
Stage Age: appears age 18-30
*Must be happy to discuss shaving hair

Seeking six performers, male or female, of any gender/background/ethnicity. The six supporting performers in this production will be challenged to move the story seamlessly along through dozens of contrasting characters- including parents, teachers, students, doctors, friends, boyfriends and more. The casting of six individuals with the ability to be comedic, dramatic, heightened and stripped back is crucial to the success of this show.
Must be 18+